NotWiki is a very simple site generator tool, that support a simple subset of markdown in which this document is formatted: NotMarkdown.

It supports publication of the same .md files for both http+html and gopher+gph.

How to use it?

The notwiki-doc(1) tool will search for *.md files in all $srcdir passed as arguments, and each file $path/file.$ext found, gets copied to the matching $dstdir/$path/file.$ext directory.

$ cd /home/me/website-document-root/
$ notwiki-doc html /srv/www/htdocs/wiki ./wiki

Here, /home/me/website-document-root/wiki/introdcution/ would be copied to /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/introduction/index.html.

The original .md documents are copied along with the source, permitting the wiki user to suggest modifications.

The head.$ext (head.html, head.gph) file is added at the top of the converted document.

How to install it?

$ git clone git://
$ cd notwiki
$ make PREFIX=/usr/local MANPREFIX=/usr/local/man install

How does it work?

It does not support editing files directly through the website: it is one shell script calling one awk script on every page, generating a site in one of these formats:

To add a new converter backend, add in $PATH a script called notmarkdown-$ext that reads NotMarkdown from stdin and sends the targetted format to stdout. For instance, a notmarkdown-txt backend that print the document unchanged or a notmarkdown-pdf aiming paper publication.

How to have the same links in HTTP and Gopher?

Strip the protocol (http:, https:, gopher:) from all your own links, and eventually remove the domain name as well.

// and /wiki/ both get mapped to:

So instead of /wiki/, use /wiki/page-name/, and use links to /wiki/page-name/ (with a trailing /, important for markdown-gph(1)).

How to handle HTTP vHosts on Gopher?

No vHosts on Gopher: multiple domains with the same destination point to the same website, unlike the Web where you can redirect them as you wish.

For instance if // and // point to the same server, geomyidae(1) will pick the same /index.gph for both. A solution is to always use prefixes, like // or //

What can I do with it?

A software project wiki

This documentation is maintained in the ./doc/ directory of the git repo, and on every commit, a git-hook regenerates the documentation using NotWiki.

This permits to have the documentation bound to the code akin to Github's wikis but self-hosted, and with zero-dependency (portable awk implementation):

cd "$tmp/doc"
notwiki-doc html "/srv/www/htdocs/code/notwiki" .
notwiki-doc gph  "/srv/gopher/notwiki" .
notwiki-mandoc gph utf8 "/srv/gopher/man" .
notwiki-mandoc html html "/srv/www/htdocs/code/man" .

A wiki for an existing website/gopherhole

It converts pages and copies them to the destination directory, which can have content generated from multiple source. There is no ./index.html/gph overridden (unless you added a ./ file yourself), so it will can be mixed with content of another static generator.

How to change the theme?

NotWiki websites can be something entirely different than documentation sites, such as blogs, newspapers, association/enterprise presentation... All it takes is adding a different head.html or style.css.

Is NotMarkdown different to Markdown?

It does not reinvent the wheel, and supports 80% of Markdown: everything besides nesting and HTML. This permits the syntax to be more accurate on edge cases.

For instance, there is a good support for escaping and `backtick` quoting. See notmarkdown(5) for full description.